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The Cities of Murray County

Slayton Sunset - Riley Engbarth.jpg

The plains are anything but plain!

Visit Murray County and you’ll find enthralling prairies, rolling hills, flowing creeks and rivers, and a land dotted with ponds and lakes. An agricultural community, Murray County is home to nine cities and 20 townships, and a has a population of 8,179 as of the 2020 Census.

Each of the nine cities has its own unique personality, from the history of Currie to the hills of Chandler. In Hadley, you’ll find the Buttermakers – not a vocation, but a baseball team. The twin lakes of Lake Wilson, the wood ducks of Fulda…. The cities of Murray County may vary in size and population, but a thing they all have in common is opportunity!

Murray County is located in southwest Minnesota, 45 miles from the Iowa border, and 35 miles from the South Dakota border. The county holds 720 square miles of prairie, lakes, agricultural land and small cities, along with a population of approximately 8,200 people.

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